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EFFYJIE COACHING is the coaching and consulting company to encourage you to take action while taking care of yourself.

I commit. I grow. I succeed.

We are not just coaches or consultants. We are impact leaders driven to make your projects a success. We are your reflection and development strategists.

Our Mission and our values

« We make you aware of the limits that slow down your growth to activate a significant and lasting transformation. »


To trust each other in complete confidentiality


To speak freely without fear of being judged


To be fully involved and accountable


To willingly change for the better


To exceed your goals as a reward

Our coaching services

Corporate Coaching

Our corporate coaching comes in many forms. It is about helping you overcome limits that keep you from achieving your goals in each case.
Whether it’s an issue of communication, staff motivation, execution of your business processes, team building or handling changes, we help your management team apply their leadership to identify and address the areas that are affecting your overall performance.

Discover the full range of our corporate coaching services:

Our popular services


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Steve Jutras


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